Bisexual or Straight

Am I Bi or Straight

When my husband asked me am I bi or straight my immediate answer was straight of course, and then he said but I have sex with other women so I must be bisexual. After thinking on this for a little while I told him I enjoy having sex with other women but only when you’re with us. I really would not want to just have sex with another woman alone.

You see I didn’t see myself as bisexual because the only time I enjoy another woman’s sexual company is when my husband joins in as well. Yes I perform sexual acts on other women and they do so with me as well, but I would never consider having a sexual relationship with another woman if my husband wasn’t around.

I Love Sharing My Husband

If I walk down the street and see a good looking guy I might think to myself I bet he’s good in bed, but if I see a beautiful woman I don’t have a single thought about sleeping with her. Yes I’ve had fantasies about sleeping with other women but that’s all they were up until our first threesome.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t fancy other women unless they are joining my husband and I in a threesome. Then I find myself changing into someone else someone with an appetite for a bisexual encounter someone who loves the feel of another woman’s body against hers.   

But this only happens three to four times a month the rest of the month I don’t think of women in a sexual way at all. The title of this blog is I want to share my husband with another woman not I want to have sex with another woman, but is this not really the same thing.

I guess when I really think about it and I’m honest with myself then yes I am a bisexual but for some reason I just don’t class myself as one. And at the end of the day does it really matter, you see I really don’t think it matters at all what my sexual preferences are. I love my husband and enjoy pleasing him whether it is in a threesome with another woman or just by myself. 

Anyway if you would like to express your opinions on this subject please feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts, oh and the video I’ve added below is just for fun, I found it quite entertaining.

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