I Want to Share My Husband With Another Woman

Threesomes To Spice Up Your Sex Life

When I first had the thought I want to share my husband with another woman it kind of scared me a little, not the thought of my husband sleeping with another woman more the thought of myself been intimate with another woman. Yes I’ve had fantasies about sex with women before but this time I knew it was going to happen and I really didn’t know how I was going to react when it did.

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But when it did eventually happen all my worries just faded away and I really enjoyed myself. To this day I really look forward to having new threesomes with new women and I know my husband does as well. The problem was finding willing women to join us in the bedroom, but we now have the solution to that.

Adult Dating Personals

Adult Dating Threesomes

I went into a bit of detail about adult dating sites in my last post so here I’m going to talk about the ones we use every day to find new threesomes. There is a website we found some time ago that reviews five of the best adult dating sites that we have joined and found plenty of threesome partners over the last few years with.

I highly recommend you take a look at this site by clicking the link above, you can then decide for yourself which one if any you wish to join up with. Each of the dating sites listed on this site are ideal for meeting women who want to try out a threesome with a nice couple or are well experienced at threesomes already which saves you teaching them the ins and outs.

I would recommend joining the first one on the list as they do the best in order from top to bottom and this is also the one we get most of our dates with. When I first thought I want to share my husband with another woman I didn’t really expect to be doing it quite so often. But with the introduction of these new kind of dating sites which are aimed solely at sex meet ups and not for people looking for relationships it has made it so much easier for people just looking for sex.

The Good And The Bad

I Want To Share My Husband With Another Woman

As I said in my last post not all adult dating sites are good, some are in fact really bad so you have to be careful which ones to join. I would recommend to anyone thinking of joining one of these sites to do your own research on them before you pay out any money for membership fees. But that said if you join the right one you will find more than one willing person to join you in a threesome.

When you chosen your desired dating site and you have paid your membership fees you will then be able to send out as many emails to other members as you so wish, you will also receive emails from other members interested in meeting up with you. Be sure to fill in your information correctly when you first sign up and the system should match you up with like minded people quite often.

You will also be able to chat to other members through cam to cam services on the site as well as been able to view other members homemade videos or even upload your own video explaining what it is your looking for. This is a great idea as it gives people more information than just your bio does. It’s very easy to make videos for the site you just use the sites service or record your video on your webcam and upload it to the site.

Ignoring The Fake Profiles

Fake Profile

If your thinking like I did a few years ago I want to share my husband with another woman then joining an adult dating site will definitely help you achieve your goal. But be prepared to get quite a few fake profilers contacting you through all dating sites but you will soon realize who these are and you can eventually ignore them and just concentrate on the legitimate ones.

Click Here To See a List Of Five Of The Best Adult Dating Sites

Now you’re not going to find thousands of women to meet up for sex with on these sites but you will find a handful of new ones each month. And that is usually more than enough to keep you going, you see most of the women we have met up with for sex we keep in contact with to arrange future threesomes.

Well if you’ve managed to make it this far without me boring you senseless I guess you must have enjoyed my rant. Anyway thanks for reading this article and to see a list of the best adult dating sites online click the link above.

Threesomes Vs Foursomes

Threesome Why Not a Foursome

Ok off subject a bit here but I got asked the other day why my husband and I won’t participate in foursomes but are willing to do threesomes. Well the short answer to that is two women together is sexually erotic, two men together is not. Now before you jump on your high horse and start shouting sexism these are mine and my husband’s views on our sexual preferences. What you do in your own home is your own business and I would never ever feel I have the right to judge you, so please don’t judge me.

FFFM Maybe


Basically my husband would only ever consider a foursome if it involved three women and I must say I feel the same way. I would consider it cheating if another man was to have sex with me whether my husband was watching me or not. Now I know this sounds crazy but having sex with another woman in front of my husband cannot in my opinion be classed as cheating, it’s an activity he enjoys watching and I enjoy participating in.

That is just the way I feel about it and I’m sure everyone else will have different views on the situation as well. Another reason I wouldn’t want to try a foursome is I think the intimacy of three people would be stretched to the limit if you added another person to the party, plus we don’t have a bed big enough to accommodate four people.

Swingers and Foursomes

We did try out a swingers club looking for women to join us in a threesome some years back but we found only old overweight people looking to swap their partners with us and we really were not into that kind of arrangement. But these people enjoyed swapping their husbands and wife’s and I guess foursomes do work for some people but it really is not for me or my husband at all.

So we choose to have threesomes and have no plans to extend that to a foursome now or any time in the future. We are happy in our own little world and we are happy in our sex life and no longer feel the need to do anything else to spice it up. We have found what works for us and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves when we invite other women to join us.

Again if you have an opinion on foursomes or threesomes and you wish to voice your opinion please leave a comment below and share with us what’s on your mind, but please don’t just rant and shout abuse at us because we will simply not publish your comments.