Threesomes Vs Foursomes

Threesome Why Not a Foursome

Ok off subject a bit here but I got asked the other day why my husband and I won’t participate in foursomes but are willing to do threesomes. Well the short answer to that is two women together is sexually erotic, two men together is not. Now before you jump on your high horse and start shouting sexism these are mine and my husband’s views on our sexual preferences. What you do in your own home is your own business and I would never ever feel I have the right to judge you, so please don’t judge me.

FFFM Maybe


Basically my husband would only ever consider a foursome if it involved three women and I must say I feel the same way. I would consider it cheating if another man was to have sex with me whether my husband was watching me or not. Now I know this sounds crazy but having sex with another woman in front of my husband cannot in my opinion be classed as cheating, it’s an activity he enjoys watching and I enjoy participating in.

That is just the way I feel about it and I’m sure everyone else will have different views on the situation as well. Another reason I wouldn’t want to try a foursome is I think the intimacy of three people would be stretched to the limit if you added another person to the party, plus we don’t have a bed big enough to accommodate four people.

Swingers and Foursomes

We did try out a swingers club looking for women to join us in a threesome some years back but we found only old overweight people looking to swap their partners with us and we really were not into that kind of arrangement. But these people enjoyed swapping their husbands and wife’s and I guess foursomes do work for some people but it really is not for me or my husband at all.

So we choose to have threesomes and have no plans to extend that to a foursome now or any time in the future. We are happy in our own little world and we are happy in our sex life and no longer feel the need to do anything else to spice it up. We have found what works for us and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves when we invite other women to join us.

Again if you have an opinion on foursomes or threesomes and you wish to voice your opinion please leave a comment below and share with us what’s on your mind, but please don’t just rant and shout abuse at us because we will simply not publish your comments.

Bisexual or Straight

Am I Bi or Straight

When my husband asked me am I bi or straight my immediate answer was straight of course, and then he said but I have sex with other women so I must be bisexual. After thinking on this for a little while I told him I enjoy having sex with other women but only when you’re with us. I really would not want to just have sex with another woman alone.

You see I didn’t see myself as bisexual because the only time I enjoy another woman’s sexual company is when my husband joins in as well. Yes I perform sexual acts on other women and they do so with me as well, but I would never consider having a sexual relationship with another woman if my husband wasn’t around.

I Love Sharing My Husband

If I walk down the street and see a good looking guy I might think to myself I bet he’s good in bed, but if I see a beautiful woman I don’t have a single thought about sleeping with her. Yes I’ve had fantasies about sleeping with other women but that’s all they were up until our first threesome.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t fancy other women unless they are joining my husband and I in a threesome. Then I find myself changing into someone else someone with an appetite for a bisexual encounter someone who loves the feel of another woman’s body against hers.   

But this only happens three to four times a month the rest of the month I don’t think of women in a sexual way at all. The title of this blog is I want to share my husband with another woman not I want to have sex with another woman, but is this not really the same thing.

I guess when I really think about it and I’m honest with myself then yes I am a bisexual but for some reason I just don’t class myself as one. And at the end of the day does it really matter, you see I really don’t think it matters at all what my sexual preferences are. I love my husband and enjoy pleasing him whether it is in a threesome with another woman or just by myself. 

Anyway if you would like to express your opinions on this subject please feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts, oh and the video I’ve added below is just for fun, I found it quite entertaining.